We are honored to represent the following national and international artists.


Johnny Patience (USA)

Johnny Patience is a fine art photographer living and working in Midcoast Maine, USA. Born and raised in Europe, his work combines fine art, travel, and street photography. He uses traditional analog processes and a minimalistic creative approach: one camera, one lens and natural light.

Johnny emphasizes emotion as a source of the aesthetic experience with photographs that embrace spontaneity and uncontrived moments. Stylistically juxtaposing delicate medium format color with bold, grainy black & white film, he contrasts the quiet goodness of the mundane and the rawness of the human experience.

Johnny recognizes the brevity of a given moment and aims to direct the eye toward what might otherwise go unnoticed through shifts in light, form, color and composition. This approach encourages a more intimate examination, which allows the viewer to assume his vantage point and explore the larger story behind each photograph.


Rebecca Lily (USA)

Rebecca Lily creates photographic art with a wabi-sabi approach, embracing the concepts of impermanence and beauty found in imperfection. She shoots only with available light and often allows her photographs to be enveloped by shadows, giving her work an enigmatic feel. Her subject matter focuses primarily on her everyday life and surroundings in coastal Maine.

Rebecca traces her love for color and form to her family roots. Her grandfather, Nathaniel "Buster" Curtis, was a renowned architect in New Orleans and designer of the Louisiana Superdome, and her aunt Nell Tilton is an acclaimed abstract painter and longtime faculty member of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

Rebecca’s work has been published online and in print magazines. A selection of her photographs have been shortlisted for the International Kontinent Awards Fine Art Projects category, and selected for the UNICEF NextGen Art Show in Los Angeles.


Gary Briechle (USA)

Having began his art career as a sculptor, Gary Briechle has a fascination for surfaces and materials. His work can be found in the Jersey City Museum, the Hunterdon Museum of Art, and the New Jersey State Museum. He has focused on photography for the past 20 years but continues to be drawn to form and texture in his photographic work.

Gary candidly documents the everyday lives of people in the small towns on the rugged Maine coastline. Most of his work is done within a few miles of his home. The trusting relationship Gary has with his subjects allows him to make particularly poignant, raw and intimate portraits. Using large-format cameras and the wet-plate collodion process, Gary works with a portable darkroom on location in the driveways, living rooms and backyards of his subjects, deliberately foregoing the predictability of the studio.

Gary’s first monograph, Gary Briechle Photographs, was published by Twin Palms Publishers in 2012. His photographs have appeared in several issues of the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Gary was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2015.


Mikko Lagerstedt (Finland)

Mikko Lagerstedt is an award-winning fine art photographer from Finland. His vision is to create emotionally compelling photographs through the use of simplistic, yet dramatic landscapes amid fleeting windows in time.

Mikko seeks to convey his feelings and impressions of every scene he photographs. His atmospheric style and rich use of color transport his viewers to a quieter world of surreal beauty and brilliance. Mikko’s work has been featured on book covers, magazines, and advertisements around the world.


Morgane Erpicum (Belgium)

Since 2015, Morgane Erpicum has found solace in the pace and rhythm of analog photography. Preferring a more focused, deliberate approach and a limited number of exposures, she travels around the world exploring the themes of the monumental vastness of nature and our human delicacy within it.

Morgane’s photographs showcase the outer limits of our planet: otherworldly, silent places where life must be strong, adaptable and resilient to survive. Yet her work invites us to embrace our fragility, to find our place in the immensity of these landscapes and discover the true essence of life.


Pete Halvorsen (USA)

Pete Halvorsen is a fine art and commercial photographer living and working in Manhattan Beach, California. Pete’s vision has been shaped by his lifelong connection to the Pacific coast. The familiar ebb and flow of the ocean, its continuity and cadence are themes that resonate in his imagery. Pete approaches new people and places with curiosity, easily adapting to change whether traveling the world or at home.

Pete's work is also heavily influenced by his background in acting and film. His photographs are richly colored and reminiscent of movie stills, capturing a moment of dynamic energy and drawing the viewer into an experience that expands beyond the frame. Pete ties this unique approach to story: his deep sensitivity to people, places and events connects us with his subjects and makes the new feel familiar.


Robert Strickland (USA)

Robert Strickland is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Dallas, TX. Having been surrounded by sun-soaked urban environments for most of his life, he is heavily inspired by strong light and dramatic shadows, vibrant colors and hard textures as the foundation for both his concepts and creative execution.

Robert’s style draws its strongest influence from his love for minimalism and the surreal. Pairing these in his work, he creates strong, memorable and often dreamlike imagery that leave his viewers seeing the world with different eyes.