September 4, 2018

20 Women changing photography

We are very honored to share that fine art photographer and Aspen curator Rebecca Lily was featured in the September/October 2018 issue of Click Magazine as one of 20 women changing photography.

"Strong and searching female perspectives are more important than ever in the global conversation about photography today. We’ve gathered 20 photographers - all women with something significant to say who are creating fresh and game-changing work," say Kendra Okolita (Chairman & Founder) and Sarah Wilkerson (CEO). "For every untold story, there is a female photographer waiting to tell it, but it was important to us that our featured artists not be spotlighted for the magnitude of their online presence. We pointedly wanted to escape the over-influence of social media in favor of unadulterated talent and clear voices."

Click Magazine is available nationwide at Barnes & Noble and many other book stores.


"I work a lot with darkness and shadows, which usually have an association with fear, evil or the unknown. In my photographs I associate darkness, mystery and melancholy with feelings of home, safety and comfort. Light and shadows to me are subjects themselves." ‒ Rebecca Lily