June 12, 2018

"Arriving Home" featured in MTW Magazine

In November 2015, photographer Johnny Patience moved from Europe to the United States and began an art project, documenting his impressions and experiences in the US with one picture per day for an entire year. The resulting body of work was subsequently published in Johnny’s first book, “Arriving Home”.

Maine The Way Magazine's Spring 2018 Issue features an 18 page retrospective about the project along with Johnny’s writings about moving continents,  getting comfortable in a different culture, and his feelings and experiences along the way.


"My American dream is made of the people from this country, the local communities, the warmheartedness I feel here in my home state. My America accepts people that don’t fit in because at some point, most people didn’t fit in. But there were always others welcoming them, embracing them and offering a place to stay, to be safe and to rest." Johnny Patience