Aspen Gallery is accepting submissions from contemporary fine art photographers.

We curate work from new talents who have a distinctive vision and a recognizable handwriting. Your work should show skill in execution and convey a message, story or emotion with depth and purpose. Your portfolio should also support a common theme that defines your style.

All submitted images must be “free and clear” - meaning it’s your original work, no one else has rights to the images, they are not part of a series already represented by another art gallery with exclusivity, they are not stock photography (or sold/licensed without your control) or part of any commercial photography project (e.g. paid client work).

Please do not email or send in hard copies of your submission, use our online form only.

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Please let us know which type of feedback you would like to receive. A regular submission is free of charge but you will receive no feedback if we don't accept your application. A Submission Review will provide you with a concise feedback from 2-3 members of our curatorial team. A Portfolio Review will provide you with an in-depth feedback from the whole curatorial board.